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Smart Phone PBX


Boost your company’s sales by providing superior customer service, increase staff productivity and reduce call costs with 3CX Pro.

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Work Safely

Business Continuity

Have you ever lost critical data? How much time did you lose due to losing data? asp - Application Service Provider can provide Business Continuity through several backup applications.

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Work Anytime

Cloud Ideas

The cloud has many added benefits to business including, collaboration, easy access to data, and gives you the ability to work form anywhere at anytime.

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The way to do Business

Office 365

The modern business needs modern solutions and Office365 is that solution. asp are experts in Office365 and will assist you with your Office365 journey.

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Work Anywhere

Perfect Choice

asp - Application Service Provider makes your IT work where and when you need to work. Be it at home, a coffee shop or in your office, we make you feel confident in knowing your IT will just work when you need it to.

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The Smart Backup for Office365

SkyKick Backup

SkyKick Cloud Backup is a cloud-to-cloud backup application that offers unlimited backup, lightning-fast search, and one-click restore of your Office 365 email, calendar, and contacts, and OneDrive and SharePoint files

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Work Together

Smart & Simple

We make it so that your IT is smart & simple, giving your team the ability to work together, and concentrate on your business rather than your IT.

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Cloud Solutions

asp - Application Service Provider are Cloud experts and have been involved in cloud solutions since 1999. asp can assist in your setup, migration to and ongoing management of Office 365.

Managed Services

As a Managed Service Provider, asp can keep your IT at its optimum service. asp utilise the latest technology and software to keep your IT running, and to fix issues before they become major.

Technical support

asp provide up to 24 x 7 x 365 support, including phone and remote support, and a priority 1 service for major incidents. Our team will always talk to you in simple easy to understand language.

More Detail

  • Migration to Office365
    Migration to Office365

    Migration to Office365 need not be painful.  Our highly advanced software solution, gives you an almost zero e-mail downtime. To start your own migration click here  ...

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  • Office365 Backup
    Office365 Backup

    You now have Office365 you don't need to worry about backup now, right?  Wrong.  You still need to backup your cloud environments along with the traditional networks.  Luckily,...

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  • Security

    IT Security is not just a buzz word, but a very important part of business.  Without IT Security you are leaving yourselves and you business in a precarious...

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  • Managed Services
    Managed Services

    Today's IT can be quite complex to manage, that where you need asp - Application Service Provider to take care of it for you.  You have servers, data,...

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Professional Management Skills

  • Network Setup
    We are experts in setting up Networks from the ground up, as well as modifying existing ones.
  • Easy Language
    Have no idea what your IT person is talking about? Well we talk in easy language.
  • Work Anywhere
    You need to work anywhere at anytime, we will make that happen.
  • Onsite Support
    Need onsite support? Our support plans include phone and remote support, as well as having our experts come to you.