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***ALERT*** New Ransomware Outbreak

***ALERT*** New Ransomware Outbreak


Ransomware outbreak: TorrentLocker being spread on Fake AGL Websites
If you are a Trend Micro customer:

  • Make sure web reputation is on
  • Must have IP reputation on at least QIL level 2
At the present we have seen 24 compromised websites redirecting traffic to the TorrentLocker landing page:


They are using landing pages such as:

We advise IT Managers:

  • Put such landing pages into firewalls for protection of other servers / devices
    (noting that they will rotate through multiple landing pages). They have changed tactics – and now the landing page is delivering malicious JavaScript rather than using a public download site.

We advise users:

  • Not to enter Captcha codes to any energy / bill related websites.
Fake AGL Website: