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asp & Arthur J Gallagher security initiative

You have possibly heard about the rise in “Ransomware” incursions and we have experienced many instances of it over the last months.

Some of the common cyber risks of today include, fraud through cyber criminals gaining access to your systems, cyber-vandalism though accessing your network for destructive purposes and/or cyber accidents such as accidentally opening a nefarious email attachment or document.

This has occurred to a few of our clients and though we have had the process in place to overcome the incursions and solve the resulting problems, it has made us aware that many do not have protection in place in case of catastrophic data loss.

You have cyber risk to your most important asset, your data and information, and it’s a given that you need to protect that asset.  You also have an obligation to your clients to protect their information.  However you also have a compliance requirement that can incur penalties or fines if you do not do so.

By having a strong and viable solution in place to protect your asset you have peace of mind. By having Cyber Liability and Privacy Protection Insurance you protect yourself in those situations should they occur. 

Our partners at Arthur J Gallagher understand the risk, and can help guide you through the process of planning for disruptions, having pride in taking care of your business insurance needs. They are here to talk to you about your business, understand your needs and provide proactive advice and solutions.  Traditional insurance policies do not generally provide cover for cyber risk.

Their Data Security and Privacy Protection policy can cover:
First party liability expenses:
Business interruption
Lost revenue
Breach notification costs
Investigation costs
And your third-party liability expenses such as legal expenses and damages.

asp understand how to mitigate the disruptions should they occur and implement process that will minimise business interruption should it occur.

Please take a look at the attached document outlining the initiative between asp and Arthur J Gallagher’s Ron Prouse (Ron.Prouse@ajg.com.auand touch base with us to discuss what options would best fit you and your organisation, as I am sure you will be impressed by the outcome.

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the asp team

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