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Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 will have its third big update/version available in April 2017, this will be called the Creators Update (1704), following on from the previous Anniversary Update (1607) and the November Update (1511).

The latest update to Windows 10 has been under development since before the 1607 release, under the codename Redstone 2.  This update is a more of a tidy up, than a revolution, however that does not mean you should get it when it arrives.  It will have a few new cool features as part of this release.


3D is a big ticket item in 1704, MS Paint gets an overhaul for the first time since Windows 95, and is now Paint 3D, and as the name suggests you can create 3D images in a simple user interface.  HoloLens (Microsoft's true 3D platform) will utilise 3D like never before - however it is quite an expensive unit to purchase.  However devices such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive will also be able to use this new technology.

Night Light

1704 will bring a night light function to reduce the amount of blue light during the evening hours - and can be set to automatically come on at sunset in your region.  They say this will help people get better sleep after using their PC, Tablet or Phone before bed.

Game Mode

Game Mode is a dedicated set of features for the gamer.  Giving the user the ability to take screenshots, record the game play, broadcast the game and several other features while playing the game - now you will easily be able to brag to your friends about how good you are at the latest game.

Edge Improvements

The new browser, Edge, brings along a tab preview bar for a quick glance of the tabs you have open, and a set tabs aside function - so you can come back to your research later without having to remember what sites you had open.


The days of using voice only to control your PC are getting closer.  Cortana will now be able to shutdown, reboot, lock the screen or put it to sleep just by asking her.

Cortana will now also work in full screen mode when the PC is idle, as well as being integrated in the Out of box Experience - which is the start up process for a new PC.


There are stack of other features in this new release, so look out for it in April.